Go For Launch! “Side Roads” Now On Kindle

Part II of A Pendale Tale available in e-book format

ASHFIELD, MA – The 2021 Autumn Equinox heralds “Side Roads”: Part II of A Pendale Tale book series by author Jorma Kansanen. This collection of short stories builds a bridge from Part I (“Wild As The Wind”) to Part III (2022 release). The e-book version is now available for download on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Preorder for the paperback version continues on the author’s website.

“I’m so excited about launching the second installment of my Young Adult Fantasy book series,” said Kansanen. “The creative process for ‘Side Roads’ was very enjoyable. Surprising as well. Just when I thought I set my base of operations in stone, inspiration from unknown sources reset the foundation. It was an eye-opening experience.

“This goes along with the reality of navigating the world of self publishing. Even with my long career in writing and media, I’ve learned so much since the release of Part I last year. I’m sure more twists and turns will happen as I now build momentum for the next full-length entry in A Pendale Tale, which will be set for release in 2022.”

A Pendale Tale Part II sees an old friend from Part I and two new acquaintances take their own mind-bending trips on three separate side roads. Their respective journeys will make them question what “home” really means: Daphne Digby is a twenty-something socialite who doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to do with her life; after the sudden death of his father, Patrick “Paddy” Roling can’t help but blame himself; while in the third entry, the otherworldly abilities of renowned psychic Persephone Perry have been a blessing and a curse.

Click HERE and HERE for more previews of “Side Roads.”

Sign up for e-newsletter updates via the link below. For more information on A Pendale Tale book series and author Jorma Kansanen, visit his official website at JKansanen.com. You can reach him by e-mail at jormakansanen@gmail.com or by phone at (413) 504-2090. Copies of each book are available for press review in print, PDF or e-book format.

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Author of the Young Adult Fantasy book series A PENDALE TALE, based in Western Massachusetts. The latest installment - "Deep As The Sea" (Part 3) - was released on Wednesday, October, 26th. Visit JKansanen.com for all the info and follow @JKansanen on social media!

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