Deep As The Sea


Rediscover your fate and show your power to the world

A young genius needs to restore the memory of a transcendental journey he undertook with his twin sister before its too late

Life should be great for Sebastian Ferriman, but the newcomer at the top private school in the country is having a tough time adjusting to his new surroundings. Mysterious nightmares plague the 13-year-old genius. During the day, the bullying from his rivals torment him.

When the budding genius lived at home in the peaceful hills of western Massachusetts, Sebastian yearned to get out of his fraternal twin’s shadow. While at public school in bucolic Pendale, the brainiac bookworm dreamed of a better education. But ambition has only brought more anguish in his life.

The missing memory of a transcendental journey across time and space he took with his twin sister Viola has left a gaping hole in his mind, body and spirit. On top of this, a powerful weapon bestowed upon him is also nowhere to be found. Lost time is catching up. To become whole again, the details of this quest need to be restored.

On a school trip to Japan, Sebastian is drawn to a mysterious forest where powerful foes and cunning friends await. A gateway to another dimension opens, where his dreams and nightmares—his wishes and curses—collide across the enigmatic Mount Fuji landscape.

Sebastian has to determine who to trust, and how he’ll return home to his world. And he needs to catch up on his metaphysical studies too. In this class, Viola is ahead of him! The instruction she received from her spirit guides and the protection they provide are invaluable to her success.

Who will teach him about his ultimate fate? And will he finally be able to cast his own shadow?

“Well realized characters, a complex plot, intricate storyline, and an authentic setting mark Kansanen’s third installment in A PENDALE TALE series… Kansanen’s protagonists are depicted skillfully, with relatable personalities, and the challenges they face are daunting, nicely sustaining the suspense… Fans of teen & young adult time-travel fantasy will thrill at the opportunity to travel across various dimensions.”


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“Deep As The Sea” (A PENDALE TALE Part 3)

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