A Pendale Tale Part II Preview

Read the Prelude to the first short story of “Side Roads”

ASHFIELD, MA – The second installment of the A Pendale Tale book series by author Jorma Kansanen will be released this Wednesday, September 22. “Side Roads” is a collection of short stories that builds a bridge from Part I (“Wild As The Wind”) to Part III (2022 release). Preorder for the e-book and paperback versions of “Side Roads” are available through Amazon Kindle and the author website.

The Young Adult Fantasy series is set in Western Massachusetts & the Berkshires. A Pendale Tale Part II sees an old friend from Part I and two new acquaintances take their own mind-bending trips down three different side roads. Their respective journeys will make them question what home really means. For an inside preview, the Prelude to the first short story titled “Business Card” is provided below:

“When we last saw Daphne Digby in A Pendale Tale Part I, the self-fashioned New Age witch was helping her friend Raisin re-build her wellness center. Fortunes were on the rise for Ian Ferriman’s beloved cousin and eccentric “Aunt” to his 13-year-old twins Viola and Sebastian.

Yet the strained relationship between Ian’s children was always on Daphne’s mind. There was something peculiar about Viola and Sebastian. She never could put her finger on it. And that was not a recent phenomenon. This curious feeling goes back ten years to the time when she first met the not-so-identical twins.

Ian was just awarded full custody of his two-year-olds after the death of his fiancé, Bodhi Hollow. On the verge of starting his life as a single father, the soul-strengthening presence of his family heralds a series of changes for Daphne. They will test the meaning of existence for the young debutante. If only her skeptical parents and ever-present best friends were on board this ship bound for clearer waters…

On this first side road in A Pendale Tale Part II, come along as Daphne begins her bumpy ride towards transcendence. She discovers what it takes to be a conscious person via the surprising help of a unique guide. This wise and gentle spirit introduces the superficial socialite to a brand new world of metaphysical wellness.”

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Author of the Young Adult Fantasy book series A PENDALE TALE, based in Western Massachusetts. The latest installment - "Deep As The Sea" (Part 3) - was released on Wednesday, October, 26th. Visit JKansanen.com for all the info and follow @JKansanen on social media!

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