Wild As The Wind


Discover a place where magic takes on a new dimension

In Part 1 of the Young Adult Fantasy series A PENDALE TALE: a young soccer star leads her twin brother on a life-altering journey to a parallel dimension where “magic” takes on a whole new reality…

Viola Ferriman and her fraternal twin Sebastian could not be more different. Viola loves life in the outdoors and can run like the wind. She is a fiery redhead who attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. Sebastian is much more comfortable behind a desk. He is a brown-haired bookworm and falls through the cracks like water.

Reeling from the negative effects of humankind on the planet, the spirit of the Earth has become corrupted. Imbalance reigns supreme across every spectrum and “Mother Nature” is left with no choice but to react with extreme prejudice. On one of her many trips into the deep forest, Viola finds a special place that opens the door to this reality. What the 12-year-old teenager discovers is another world where the word “magic” takes on a new dimension.

The introduction of soccer into Viola’s life teaches her the value of teamwork and friendship. Sunset FC captain Stefana helps with her teammate’s touch on the soccer ball. Also, the confidence she instills in Viola puts the speedy forward closer in touch with her ultimate fate.

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“Wild As The Wind” (A PENDALE TALE Part 1)

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“Everyone will find this nuanced and multi-dimensional story a joy to read

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An incredibly fresh perspective and twist for the sci-fi fantasy junkie…”

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