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The Science Fiction & Fantasy genres allow the author to address real world topics in a dream world setting. Combine that with the enthusiasm of the Young Adult audience, and meaningful yet entertaining two-way conversations can ensue between the writer and the reader. The A PENDALE TALE book series takes on that task with aplomb… click HERE for more info on the author.


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“Skillfully develops complex and relatable characters”

Kansanen skillfully develops complex and relatable characters in this family-centered fictional account of Viola, a strong girl lead, alongside her father, Ian, and her twin brother, Sebastian… What sets “Wild as the Wind” apart from other young adult novels is Kansanen’s ability to weave Native American culture with contemporary U.S. culture.

  • Kathleen Ralls, PhD, award-winning educator, sports coach, and Fulbright Scholar

“A storyteller par excellence”

A storyteller without a story to tell has nothing to offer. It is an acquired skill and Jorma Kansanen offers both to the reader in “Wild As The Wind.” The book wonderfully combines his lifelong interests in science fiction & fantasy literature with his love of soccer and the Berkshires. Jorma is a storyteller par excellence and this enthralling novel captures his writing ability at its finest. Everyone will find this nuanced and multi-dimensional story a joy to read. Well done!

  • Joe Cummings, Teacher, Coach & Executive

“His love for the area shines through”

Jorma Kansanen has taken his long-time writing expertise and crafted a fine first book for himself. Seeing him blend his love of soccer and science fiction together in such a fantastic way is something else to read. I’ve been a long-time resident of Western Massachusetts and his love for the area shines through. “Wild As The Wind” has something for all ages to enjoy.

  • Kalekeni Banda, UMass Sports Hall of Fame member & head of the Banda Bola Sports Foundation

“He has written the right book”

I’ve known Jorma Kansanen for close to 25 years and his grasp on the written word is second to none. We worked together for a long time, both on and off the field. Nothing has made me happier than to see him publish his first book. “Wild As The Wind” is a long-time project of his that he first started when we were at UMass. It perfectly melds together his work and life experience. Jorma has always had a knack to craft the right story. Now, he has written the right book.

  • Jim Rudy, long-time women’s college soccer coach at UCF & UMass

“Incredibly fresh perspective”

“Wild As The Wind” is a fun, entertaining read. Based in Western Massachusetts, Viola and Sebastian are 12-year-old twins that appear to be normal preteens, however, as the book moves forward you learn that they are destined to be more than they seem. Jorma Kansanen finds a way to juxtapose preteen angst with Native American mythology to offer an incredibly fresh perspective and twist for the sci-fi fantasy junkie. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • Leslie Horne, high school teacher and avid fantasy & science fiction fan

“An amazing journey”

“Wild As The Wind” features an amazing journey into different realities and worlds. The characters and storyline will keep you on your toes the entire time! The underlying message is one that is extremely relevant to our world today. I cannot wait to continue on Viola’s journey and see where it takes her!

  • M.K., graduate student and life-long young adult fan

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