Call Of The Raven


Heed the sign to find your way home

“Call Of The Raven” is a short story collection bridging Part I and Part III of the A PENDALE TALE series

In the first story, you’ll meet the younger version of an old friend from “Wild As The Wind.” Two origin tales of new characters in the next installment “Deep As The Sea” will also be told.

These three individuals will need to heed the signs if they are to see the world for what it is—not what they think it is. The raven will make them question the true meaning of “home”:

Daphne Digby is a twenty-something socialite who doesn’t know who she is or what she wants in life. Her wealthy parents and best friends have become hindrances to her personal evolution. Surrounded by skepticism, a sense of self-worth eludes her and she drowns in overindulgence. A reunion with her favorite cousin and his 2-year-old fraternal twins sets off a series of events that will change her forever. The raven beckons but will she follow?

After the tragic death of his father, Patrick “Paddy” Roling can’t help but blame himself. The angst the twelve-year-old feels sends him on a downward spiral. His much-older and well-respected brother cares for him but the college soccer star doesn’t have time to help. Paddy’s mother is torn between outrage and sorrow as she loses control of her life. The raven comes knocking, but will this second son open the door?

Persephone Perry is both adored and feared. The otherworldly abilities of the renowned psychic have been both a blessing and a curse over the course of her life. On the verge of stardom, the charismatic faerie is confronted by a powerful entity which shakes her foundation. This metaphysical earthquake rocks her from coast to coast. Aftershocks reverberate, making her question the current course of her life. The raven has the answer, but is she asking the right question?

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“Call Of The Raven” (A PENDALE TALE Part 2)

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