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I want all of my fans to stay informed with my Young Adult Fantasy series A Pendale Tale. Following up on Part 1 titled “Wild As The Wind”, Part 2 is set to be released on the 2021 Autumn Equinox – Wednesday, September 22. “Side Roads” will be a collection of short stories that will expound on Part I while also previewing new characters in Part III.

The third installment of A Pendale Tale will be released in 2022. The next full-length book on the journey of the Ferriman Twins will take a closer look at Sebastian and his first steps into the mystical world… very exciting!

In Part 3, I’ll not only focus on Sebastian’s side of the events from Part 1. The audience will see him find his “second home” on a world of his own. Just like his sister. Of course, there will be a healthy dose of Viola! Her 13th year on the planet Earth may be an unlucky one. We shall see…

My blog will be updated throughout the creative process. Whether it is involved with personal inspiration or background information for the upcoming installments… it will be a really fun ride!

Merchandising possibilities? I loved designing the Sunset FC logo for Part 1. Seeing it on a jersey and/or t-shirt would be fantastic. I think this may be a thing to stick around for further news, too.

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