“Deep As The Sea” Hits #1 On Amazon

The third installment of A PENDALE TALE: a Young Adult Fantasy series based in Western Massachusetts & the Berkshires

The Kindle eBook of APT Part 3 topped the charts!

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For the past twenty-five years, Jorma Kansanen has worked in the newspaper and media business. His name has been seen on the byline of publications from Manchester, England to San Diego, California. For his whole life, the Canadian-born Finnish American has been a fantasy and science-fiction aficionado…



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“A storyteller without a story to tell has nothing to offer. It is an acquired skill and Jorma Kansanen offers both to the reader… Everyone will find this nuanced and multi-dimensional story a joy to read.”

Joe Cummings, Teacher, Coach & Executive

“Jorma Kansanen finds a way to juxtapose preteen angst with Native American mythology to offer an incredibly fresh perspective and twist for the sci-fi fantasy junkie.”

Leslie Horne, high school teacher and fantasy & sci-fi fan


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