“Wild As The Wind” Available Exclusively On Amazon Kindle…

The first installment of a Young Adult Fantasy book series based in Western Massachusetts has made its exclusive debut on the free Amazon Kindle app today. The Autumn Equinox is the official date for the e-book release of “Wild As The Wind.” The paperback version will be available soon.

“I’m absolutely excited to debut ‘Wild As The Wind’ to not only the Western Massachusetts region but the entire world,” said author Jorma Kansanen. “This project has been 20 years in the making and it has been a cathartic experience over the past few weeks. I feel that my love for the fantasy/science fiction and genre as well as the area where I’ve lived since the early 90’s comes through in spades.”

The first installment of this book series centers on Viola Ferriman, a young soccer star who will lead her twin brother Sebastian on a life-altering journey to a parallel dimension where “magic” takes on a whole new reality. On one of her many trips into the deep forest, the 12-year-old discovers a special place that opens the door to her ultimate destiny.

The Autumn Equinox serves as the twins’ birthday. They would be 20 years old today: the official date of publication for “Wild As The Wind.”

For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Kansanen has worked in the media business. His name has been on the byline of publications from Manchester, England to San Diego, California. For his whole life, the Canadian-born Finnish American has been a fantasy and sci-fi aficionado. The UMass-Amherst and Massachusetts Daily Collegian alum has called Western Massachusetts home since 1993.

For more information on “Wild As The Wind” and author Jorma Kansanen, please visit his official website at JKansanen.com. You can also reach him via e-mail at jormakansanen@gmail.com. Advance copies of the book for press review are available in PDF or e-book format.

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Author of the Young Adult Fantasy book series A PENDALE TALE, based in Western Massachusetts. The latest installment - "Deep As The Sea" (Part 3) - was released on Wednesday, October, 26th. Visit JKansanen.com for all the info and follow @JKansanen on social media!

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