Indian Summer is on the horizon…

I’ve been incommunicado from this blog for almost two months but for very good reason. There has been a lot of progress behind the scenes on the first book in my series on the Ferriman twins, Viola and Sebastian. Lots of news to share! First of all, I knew I needed to dust off and button up my dress suit before unveiling “Wild As The Wind” to the world.

So, I signed up for a seminar in July with the fine folks at Daily House Publishing entitled “Build Your Author Brand.” I’ve worked in sports PR for a long time but getting a detailed breakdown on putting my author brand together while also finalizing my book for publication was invaluable. They really helped set the course I’m now on for the book launch. More on that bit of news later…

I even had an author photo shoot done! An old friend from the Massachusetts Daily Collegian was gracious enough to bless me with his fantastic photographic skills. Chris Evans (formerly of the Boston Herald) is kind of a superhero in and of himself. He was actually able to take some quality photos of me. That feat should confer to him God-like or at least Marvel hero status.

Photo by Christopher Evans

When it comes to “Wild As The Wind“, the copy edit was completed in mid-July and I’ve been winding through the proofread process since that time. Going through the final twists and tweaks has been exciting and humbling. I could hold on to this story longer but the pursuit of perfection is a vain one.

There have been nothing but positive reviews and the editors have all said they can’t wait for the second book. The message in the bottle has been received! However, there were also some essential edits. The ability to see those changes has been my proudest moment of all through this writing process. I know this story will turn out to be more magnanimous than I’ll ever be.

Finally… as part of the Daily House seminar, the cover design process was thoroughly addressed. With my experience in desktop design, could have I conceived the cover myself? Sure. I found some great ideas going through Adobe Images. At the last minute, though, I decided to reach out to an illustrator whose work I used as storyboard inspiration for this book.

Illustration by Martin Lisec

After some twists and turns, I was able to finally track down Martin Lisec in Czechoslovakia. His illustration “Indian Summer” (shown above) will serve as the cover material for this book! Needless to say, I was incredibly excited over this news. He was extremely kind through our discovery process. Simply put, it fell right into place.

Next up? Finish the e-book design and complete my author promotional brochure and website for the book this week… then get more recommendations and reviews and hit the social media and PR button… which all will build up to the release of “Wild As The Wind” on Tuesday, September 22nd on Amazon!

The day of the Autumn Equinox and the birthday of Viola and Sebastian – who will turn 20 on that day in their own separate universe. Huzzah!

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One thought on “Indian Summer is on the horizon…

  1. Things are falling right into to place and I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to read the book!
    ~Claire Despres


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