Deep As The Sea

The third installment of the A PENDALE TALE series available for preorder on 9/22/22

ASHFIELD, MA – The preorder date for “Deep As The Sea” – the third installment of the A PENDALE TALE young adult fantasy series – has been announced by author Jorma Kansanen. For the third consecutive year, the Autumn Equinox (Thursday, September 22nd) will be the day for fans to delve once again into the Ferriman Twins saga.

This book will center on the brotherly half of the Ferriman twins, Sebastian. The thirteen-year-old gets his chance to tell his side of the story that begun in “Wild As The Wind” (Part 1). His sister Viola has been the primary focus so far in the series, and now, he’ll get the chance to tell his side of the story.

Stay tuned for the front cover reveal and more pre-order information!

In “Deep As The Sea,” the thirteen-year-old brainiac’s wish has come true. The burgeoning genius is now attending one of the top private schools in the world, and has officially stepped out of his twin’s shadow. But this dream quickly turns into a nightmare as he faces the reality of his otherworldly destiny.

Alongside Part III of the A PENDALE TALE series, the first two parts will be re-released with slicker editing and new graphics. The story lines haven’t changed, but the tension has: word tense, that is. An active voice has brought a brand new feel to the action and drama of the Ferriman Twins saga.

For more information on author Jorma Kansanen, visit the “About” page on his official website. You can reach him by e-mail at or by phone at (413) 504-2090. Copies of the book series are available for review in print, PDF or e-book format.

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Author of the Young Adult Fantasy book series A PENDALE TALE, based in Western Massachusetts. The latest installment - "Deep As The Sea" (Part 3) - was released on Wednesday, October, 26th. Visit for all the info and follow @JKansanen on social media!

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