“Wild As The Wind” Review

Award-winning author & educator Kathleen Ralls rates A PENDALE TALE Part 1

ASHFIELD, MA – The recent relaunch of A PENDALE TALE by author Jorma Kansanen has drawn new and old eyes alike to the Young Adult Fantasy series. It has a fresh look and feel for the reader with updated cover and font packages as well as a comprehensive re-edit via Small Seeds Editing.

Kathleen Ralls, PhD – an award-winning educator, sports coach, and Fulbright Scholar – has made her thoughts known on “Wild As The Wind,” the first installment of the series. The author of “Take Her Word for It: Sports Cultivates World-Class Leaders” found Part 1 to be an engaging and highly-recommended read. The main character of Part 1 – Viola Ferriman – is introduced to the sport of women’s soccer where the ingrained loner learns the value of teamwork and friendship.

You can read Kathleen’s review below:

“Kansanen skillfully develops complex and relatable characters in this family-centered fictional account of Viola, a strong girl lead, alongside her father, Ian, and her twin brother, Sebastian. Set in rural Massachusetts, the Ferriman family struggles with finances and friendship, and the burgeoning differences between the athletic Viola and more academic Ian. Both find strength in pursuing their own interests, despite the growing separation pains.

“When Viola learns she can communicate with the wild nature in her backyard, she discovers the extraordinary all around her, that joy and suffering can coexist, and that the natural world may hold the answers to modern inconveniences. What sets ‘Wild As The Wind’ apart from other young adult novels is Kansanen’s ability to weave Native American culture with contemporary U.S. culture.”

Ralls began her career as a sportswriter before finding a passion for teaching and coaching. In her book “Take Her Word for It: Sports Cultivates World-Class Leaders,” she looks at how lessons learned in sports provide women the essentials necessary to be effective team leaders.

Kathleen’s doctoral research focusing on gender equity, sports, and voice empowerment led her to create KR LLC, a female empowerment and leadership training organization where she acts as executive director. She holds a BA in journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a MAT in secondary education and teaching from American University, and a PhD in leadership and education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

A lifelong learner, Ralls has visited over twenty countries and conducted research on four continents. She is an avid athlete who has completed more marathons than pull-ups. For more information, visit her official website at KathleenRalls.com and her Amazon page by clicking HERE.

For more information on Jorma Kansanen, visit the “About” page on his official website. You can reach him by e-mail at jormakansanen@gmail.com. Copies of the book series are available for review in print, PDF or e-book format.

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