Relaunch Date Set For “A PENDALE TALE”

Parts 1 & 2 with new covers & font packages due out on 2/20/23

ASHFIELD, MA – Author Jorma Kansanen has released the official re-launch date of A PENDALE TALE. Due to the incredible response “Deep As The Sea” (APT Part 3) has received, Kansanen has gone forth and updated the first two parts of his Young Adult Fantasy book series with the same look and feel.

On Monday, February 20th, fans will have the chance to re-immerse themselves in the Ferriman twins saga with new cover designs and font packages for “Wild As The Wind” (APT Part 1) and “Call Of The Raven” (APT Part 2). The books have also gone through a comprehensive re-edit process with thanks to Small Seeds Editing: a full service copy and line editing business based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

“As a self-published author, I have the freedom to re-imagine the flow and direction of my work,” said Kansanen. “After a lot of thought and discussion, my decision to update the first two parts of A PENDALE TALE became an easy one. Through trial and error alongside the amazing assistance of the writing community, I’ve learned a lot since ‘Wild As The Wind’ was published in Fall 2020.

“These lessons will run throughout the updated editions of Part 1 & 2. I think fans and reviewers alike will love the new look and feel!”

To test the waters, Kansanen began this process with the release of “Deep As The Sea” in October 2022. Since that time, A PENDALE TALE Part 3 has gone on to become a #1 Amazon best-seller and has received a plethora of positive reviews.

The third installment of this series centers on Sebastian Ferriman, the thirteen-year-old fraternal twin brother to Viola: the protagonist of Part 1. Through Sebastian’s eyes, the reader gets to see his side of the metaphysical events altering the course of their lives.

According to The Prairies Book Review, this book is “exhilarating, action-packed, and thoroughly compelling.” For the full review, click HERE. For further insight on “Deep As The Sea,” visit the official book page and/or the Amazon site.

For more information on author Jorma Kansanen, visit the “About” page on his official website. You can reach him by e-mail at Copies of the book series are available for review in print, PDF or e-book format.

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Author of the Young Adult Fantasy book series A PENDALE TALE, based in Western Massachusetts. The latest installment - "Deep As The Sea" (Part 3) - was released on Wednesday, October, 26th. Visit for all the info and follow @JKansanen on social media!

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