Re-introductions are in order…

After some mission-related delays in the recent past, to say that my book-writing career finally blasted off the NASA launch platform is not too far of a ride. There has been many twists and turns but with the completion of my first book – it took a little over a year and half to write – I feel like my creative spark is on a trans-lunar injection. When I was able to get into a rhythm, the writing process for “Wild As The Wind” was really smooth. A good burn. No residuals. Not only did I complete it on schedule (pretty much) I was able to build up and enhance the outlines for the second book as well as prequel and side story possibilities. Its an exciting time. Interesting to boot.

“May you live in interesting times…”

That purported Chinese proverb has been used and misconstrued over the years. Its not Chinese, for starters. And from my understanding, its more of a warning of impending chaos than a celebration of change and evolution. To say that my initial steps into the publishing world have been très intéressant is to put it mildly! I’ve been told by my associates that getting “Wild As The Wind” published will be just as hard as writing it. For someone whose work has centered in public relations and has recently been a Director of Communications for a sports league, I thought I could handle it. Like trying out a new pair of shoes, the first steps have been arduous. A bit painful, too. Blisters and all.

It takes time to learn a new route without a GPS device showing you the exact way. I’ve done a lot of research and while there are common threads from my PR work and book publishing, the sheer amount of data is tough to navigate. Can I manage the proofreading process or do I need to hire an editor? Do I self publish or go the traditional route? Do I focus generally on the launch of my writing career or specifically on selling my book series? This blog entry in itself is a good parameter that I’ve decided on the former. Yet, I’m still hoping that the latter works hand in hand with that. Taking the time to write this blog is technically taking the time away from starting my second book. Yes – I have overthought and will continue to overthink this.

The sequel to “Wild As The Wind“, though, is something I’m really looking forward to tackling. I’ve left life in the world of Viola and Sebastian Ferriman hanging on a dramatic note. I want to dive back in and hammer away at the granite and get to the fine sculpting of the rock. However, now is the time to take on the greater issue at hand. If I want this fictional world that I’ve created… one that exists side-by-side with us and exists in the space between what we want and what we are… to see the light of day and set off the shine in thousands of eyes… than I have to take another leap forward. The completion of the book was the first step. Certainly not a small one. All apologies to Neil Armstrong.

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed…”

I’ve stepped off a lunar module of my own making and have uttered my not-yet-but-hopefully famous words. If anything, “Wild As The Wind” is a footprint I’ll leave behind me for posterity’s sake. Like a plaster cast in the gray sand. The copyright process will ensure that! All kidding aside… the tranquil feeling after its completion is now the mind-throbbing anticipation of its launch. Back to Earth, I now must go. One last look at the luminescent blue and green marble in the sky before reality smacks me in the face like the fiery transition back into its atmosphere. Now that will definitely be a giant leap forward.

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